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The ASROCK DESK MINI 110 is highly customizable, but to get a fair comparison we compared it to 2014 High End Mac Mini vs. an ASROCK DESKMINI 110 with an i7-7700 CPU.

The High End Mac Minia ASRock DeskMini
CPU 4th generation Haswell
7th generation Kaby Lake
Cores/Threads 2 cores / 4 threads 4 cores / 8 threads
Frequency 3 GHz 3.6 GHz
Turbo Boost 3.5 GHz 4.2 GHz
Mobile/Desktop Mobile CPU Desktop CPU
Graphics Iris 5100 HD 630d
Internal Speaker Yes No
RAM 16 GB GHze
1600 MHz
16GB GHzf (You can add 32GB)
2133 MHz
In total, you can have one PCIe NVMe plus 2x 2.5″(SSD or HDD).
CONNECTIVITY – Gigabit Ethernet port
– Bluetooth 4.0
– 2x Thunderbolt 2 ports (up to 20 Gbps)
– 4x USB 3 ports (up to 5 Gbps)
– HDMI port
– Audio in port
– 3.5 mm headphone jack
– SDXC card slot
– IR receiver

– 1x LAN
– Bluetooth 4.0 (optional – depends on model)
– 2x USB 3.0
– 1x USB 3.0 (Type-C),
– 1x USB 2.0
– 1x Headphone with MIC
– 1x MIC-In
– 1x VGA
– 1x HDMI
– 1x DP
SERVICEABLE None CPU, Storage, and RAM
are Serviceable
WEIGHT 2.7 pounds (1.22 kg) ~ 5 lb (~2.5 kg)
COST $1599.00 $975–i
WARRANTY $99 for Apple Care. Between 1 & 3 years.
Click Here for details for the Warranty
with a pre-built by CUK. If you build yourself,
parts are usually warranted for 1 year.
a Not the absolute highest for a Mac Mini, one can get a 1TB SSD.
bFor comparison’s sake, we are assuming the high end i7-4578U (dual-core) option.
c For comparison’s sake, we are assuming the high end i7-7700 (quad-core) option.
d The i7-7700 110’s HD 630 has a slight edge over the Iris 5100 on the Mac Mini.
e Assuming, you order the MacMini with 16GB RAM. It is soldered in and cannot be changed later.
f The ASROCK DeskMini 110 can take up to 32GB RAM.
g We assume the 500 GB SSD (PCIe) option for comparison. Lesser options can be ordered.
hThe ASROCK DeskMini 110 offers an option of 1x M.2 NVMe/PCIe drive plus 2 x 2.5″ drives (either SSD or HDD via Sata III).
iThis price may change with time, and options you choose. The value I used was based on a pre-built version offered on Amazon. If you choose to build it yourself, you can save money.

One can see that for far, far less money, the ASROCK Deskmini can outperform the Mac Mini in power. However, it has less ports, and a possible limit on Audio.

Some Strengths.

– The ASROCK DeskMini 110 can take up to a quad core processor.
– The ASROCK DeskMini 110 takes DDR4 RAM at a faster frequency.
– The ASROCK DeskMini 110 allows for multiple SSD drives (SSD or PCIe/NVMe).
– The ASROCK DeskMini 110 is easily serviceable in CPU, Storage, and RAM.

Some Drawbacks.

– The ASROCK DeskMini 110 has an external power brick.
– The ASROCK DeskMini 110 has a poorer selection of connection ports.
– The ASROCK DeskMini 110 has no thunderbolt port.

Conclusions: This is a good replacement for a Mac Mini. A bit bigger; but more powerful, and far cheaper. Still, it has issues. Less ports, and the question of audio. It has a built in 2 channel stereo codec chip (ALC 283) which may or may not limit the audio on the DP and HDMI.

Disclaimer: We strive to be as accurate as possible in our data. You are responsible to check yourself, before buying.